How to Choose Men's Wedding Suit

Published: 24th July 2009
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It is common knowledge that a lot of planning and elaborate preparation precedes the wedding celebrations. Finding an appropriate groom's wedding suit is an integral part of wedding preparations. It is unfortunate but true that most of the time people are worried about the wedding gown of the bride and scant attention is paid to the groom's attire.

The groom also deserves some attention with regard to his wedding suit on the most important occasion of his life. It is worthwhile to know a few details about how to select a groom's wedding suit.

It is good to start off with some initial window shopping, paying few visits to department stores and boutiques in your area, scanning through men's fashion magazines and researching the Internet. See which suits you like bearing in mind your budget limits. You can shortlist the styles and fashion that you really like that falls within your price range. Arming yourself with the basic knowledge of how a suit is tailored would help you in making improved choice of your wedding suit.

As regards fabrics for a wedding suit, most fashion designers will recommend wool as the best choice. Polyester and micro-fibers are not advised as they may not be comfortable to wear for long hours - though many find them appealing. Linen is prone to wrinkle and other cheaper materials may not be appropriate for the great occasion. For whatever reasons, the summer season has been the traditional choice for most people getting married. Wool is the ideal fabric choice for all summer weddings.

Next in importance is the style of the wedding suit. The cut of the suit should perfectly fit the body shape of the wearer. Remember all things can be altered when stitching or buying a suit, but the basic cut, which is critically important, cannot be altered.

The Internet likewise offers a wide range of wedding suits but bear in mind that if you opt for online shopping, you cannot try the dress immediately. As fit is the key to a good suit, it is better to personally visit the boutique and try the suit on, so that you ca make necessary adjustments before actually buying the suit.

Boutiques often offer complimentary alterations and can help you with fitting the suit. No matter how you wish your wedding suit to be, it is important to start shopping early as any last minute rush purchase of wedding suits will inevitably be a poor choice and turn out to be an ill-fitting one.

A classic tuxedo is a perfect choice for a formal wedding and tuxedos come in a variety of styles and colors. Black tuxedo is the preferred option for an evening wedding and for daytime weddings sedate colors like ivory, dark gray and white tuxedos should be preferred. Men who are stout should stay in single breasted suits as double breasted jackets seemingly add more weight to a man's frame.

The decision to purchase or rent the wedding suit depends upon how often the groom is likely to attend formal events within the foreseeable future course. If such occasions are going to be rare, then hiring the wedding outfit would be prudent.

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