Protecting and restoring granite countertops damages by hot pans

Published: 31st August 2009
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Granite is an extremely strong element in nature. It is having high resistant from cuts and scratches. It can hold out even at extreme temperatures. However, the granite countertops, which are used in kitchen, can be affected by the high temperature from hot pans. Generally, Pots and pans are made up of high-grade steel or metal. Those high-grade steel or metal are very good head conductors. Hot pots and pans are able to scratch the surface of granite countertop. The granite countertop can give up to the high temperature and obtain black blaze marks or cuts.

Protecting granite countertops from hot pans

* Direct placement of hot pans on granite countertop will make damages. So stay away from it.

* Even though granite can survive at extreme temperatures, when using hot pans, set some protective covering on top of the granite countertop prior to put it down.

* Always Use everyday kitchen accessories like a spare tray or a cutting board to guard granite countertop from burns and marks by hot pans.

* Before placing the hot pans on granite countertop, Give some time to cool. This will safeguard your countertop.

* Make sure that you have wiped out the undersides of hot pan. By doing so, any black or burn, marks will be removed.

Restoring granite countertops damages by hot pans

You should always use liquids or pastes to restore your granite countertop. The majority of granite countertop manufacturers recommend their own products for the protection of their countertops. This will get rid of stains, marks from your granite countertop, and make it shine. Only the surface of the countertop is affected by burn marks. Therefore, they can be chafe away using the special cleaning creams and solutions. For deeper marks that are very hard to clean, it is better to consult with your granite countertop manufacturer regarding what to do about them.

Do not go for not well-trained technicians. Consult only with expert granite countertop technicians. Is your granite countertop is having warranty? Is the damage occurred within the warranty period? Then take advantage of it. Your granite countertop manufacturer or his representatives must approach you directly in your home for restoring the damage right away. Home service is the best for repairing granite countertops. It will offer an opportunity to examine the procedure about how to eradicate the marks caused by hot kitchen accessories.

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